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1. Sponsor Ads in HTML Tutorial section

Contextual text ads or image ads (buttons and vertical banners) in prominent places on all public pages of our online HTML video tutorial.

Text ads can have 25 characters in the title (link) and up to 100 characters in the description. Example:

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Learn HTML with ease. Comprehensive video tutorial for beginners. Free download.

Images ads (buttons and vertical banners) are accepted in the following dimensions:
1. buttons: 120 x 60  |  120 x 90  |  125 x 125
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Pricing & Order:

Please contact us to ask for available ad spots and pricing.

2. Sponsor Ads on Blog

For our blog, we currently only accept text links that we post into the blogroll section in the left sidebar. Text links are limited to 10 sponsor links and are displayed in random order. A sponsor link can have a max. of 25 characters and costs only USD 150.00 per year.

Before ordering, please contact us and send us your link, so we can decide if its acceptable.

3. Other Advertising Opportunities

We are very open to your suggestions. If you would like to sponsor a different section of our site and use a different ad format, simply contact us and well try to find a solution.

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