Blogging and WordPress Tutorials

Since the only blogging script that I work with is WordPress, you will find only WordPress tutorials and maybe some general blogging tutorials in this category. Most of the tutorials are about customizing my WordPress Themes, but there will also be tutorials and tips to help you monetize your blog(s).

Tutorials about promoting your WordPress blog and getting more traffic to your blog can be found in the category website marketing.

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Web2.0 WordPress - PRO Tutorials

date 11 Aug 2008 | category Web2.0 Themes - PRO

in this category, you´ll find a growing archive of exclusive theme customization tutorials and SEO / site promotion tips for owners of a PRO license to my WordPress themes.

Some basic customizations and normal updates for the free version of my themes are covered in the category Web 2.0 WordPress themes.

If you don´t have a password and want to …

Web2.0 - Free WordPress Themes - Customization Tutorials and Updates

date 11 Aug 2008 | category Web2.0 WordPress Themes

This category is reserved for theme update announcements and some basic tutorials about theme modifications for all users of the free themes.

I´ll add tutorials during the coming days / weeks, these will be about things like changing layout / sidebar widths, adding links to header navigation, replacing the standard header with a custom header graphic, etc …


You can modify …

Book Review: WordPress for Business Bloggers

date 22 Dec 2008 | category Blogging

A few months ago, I received a book from Packt Publishing:

WordPress for Business Bloggers - by Paul Thewlis

It took me quite long to read since I had a lot of other things to do, but now I´m finally ready to write a review about it.

The title and especially the sub-title (”promote and grow your WordPress blog with …

examples for custom widgets: FeedBurner, AdSense and more.

date 22 Nov 2008 | category Web2.0 WordPress Themes

In this post you´ll find a few examples (with HTML source code) for certain custom widgets like a FeedBurner e-mail subscription box, AdSense ads, a featured product or Youtube video, etc …

With these examples and the instructions given in the article about customizing sidebars, you should be able to add any sort of custom content to the sidebar …

sidebar customization: editing, adding and removing widgets

date 22 Nov 2008 | category Web2.0 WordPress Themes

Although the sidebars in my themes are enabled for the use of WordPress widgets, some of you may want to manually edit the sidebar(s), which is pretty easy. Depending on the layout, your theme has either a left sidebar, a right sidebar or both sidebars. All the HTML code for the sidebar(s) is located in the sidebar template (sidebar.php) of …