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300+ Search Engine Optimized WordPress Themes

Important Reminder: Please note that this section contains our old seo WP themes, which are compatible with WP versions up to 2.3.3. For WP 2.5 or later, please use our new themes


You are only a few clicks away from your new search engine optimized theme for your WordPress blog. Create your theme in 3 easy steps:
Step 1: Choose one of 9 different basic layouts
Step 2: Choose one of 6 different headers
Step 3: Choose one of 6 different sidebar styles and download your WordPress theme

There are 9x6x6 = 324 different possible combinations.

All themes have these features:

  • SEO - optimized for good search engine rankings
  • WordPress widgets enabled, including a few pre-made widgets
  • Easy to customize. Stylesheets and template files are commented and with a basic understanding of CSS and HTML, you can easily modify the look of your theme and add a custom header graphic.
  • Advanced "excerpts" function that prevents text formatting in excerpts and respects the "more" tag as well as existing excerpts.
  • RSS subscription buttons for the most popular online RSS readers included.


All my themes are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

In a nutshell, here is what this particular license allows you to do.

1. EasyWebTutorials owns the copyrights to these themes and you must give credit to EasyWebTutorials.com in form of the links which are already included in the footers of each theme.

2. You may modify each theme as you like for use on your websites in order to make a theme more unique or to match the design of your main website.

3. You may even give away, sell or otherwise distribute the original themes or derivative works to other people under the same license (ShareAlike) as long as the credit for EasyWebTutorials is given (Attribution).




    WordPress Themes FAQ & Tutorials

  • FAQ and tutorials about customizing and modifying our SEO themes, changing layout, styles, colors, backgrounds, adding custom header images, adding text / links / graphics to footers and sidebars, subscription boxes, banners, Google AdSense codes, etc ...
  • Visit WordPress Themes FAQ

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