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Sorry, but if you donīt agree to these rules, you are not allowed to use my SEO themes. I wonder why you donīt. There canīt be too many reasons.

Reason 1: You donīt want to leave the links back to my site in the footer of your blog when using my themes. Well, think about how much time I have spent to create all these themes. You donīt want to give credit in form of a link ? Thatīs fine - you can also value my time by sending me some cash! Contact me with your offer.

Reason 2: You were hoping for a shortcut to create a theme that you can claim to be yours by slightly modifying one of my SEO themes. Hey - if you want your original work, then go ahead and learn how to create a WordPress theme - itīs all explained on the WordPress Codex. But if you donīt want to invest your precious time in learning to work with WP template tags, you can still order my service or hire somebody at Elance to create a custom WordPress theme for your website or even a unique theme that you can claim to be yours.

Any other reason? Well, Iīm curious to know it, so would you please tell me?

    WordPress Themes FAQ & Tutorials

  • FAQ and tutorials about customizing and modifying our SEO themes, changing layout, styles, colors, backgrounds, adding custom header images, adding text / links / graphics to footers and sidebars, subscription boxes, banners, Google AdSense codes, etc ...
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