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Dear WordPress Blogger,

we have a lot of different free WordPress themes for your blog. All themes are easily customizable and also optimized for your blog posts to rank well in the search engines. There are two types of themes:

1. Old SEO WordPress Themes: our first themes, very cross-browser compatible, easily customizable and compatible with WordPress versions up to 2.3.3. There are 9 different layouts and 6 different headers and sidebar styles to choose from and combine with each other.

Get Old SEO WordPress Themes Here

2. New Web2.0 / SEO WordPress Themes: our newest themes with a Web2.0 look and pure CSS layout, fast-loading, SE0 layout, available in 4 different layouts and color schemes.

These themes are great for building niche blogs as they are also easy to customize and they are much better than the old ones. Only compatible with WordPress versions 2.3 and newer.

Get Web2.0 WordPress Themes Here

Old Free WordPress Themes

Below are the 3 very basic search engine optimized WordPress themes. These themes still use HTML tables for the layout in order to make them most cross-browser compatible. The header stands outside the table to make sure the top portion of the page loads fast.

Downloads are available in two archive formats: .zip and .tar - you will need a tool like WinZip (for PC users) or Stuffit Expander (for Mac users) to extract the archives.


all themes are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License
Creative Commons License    Creative Commons License


If you like, you can see live demos of our SEO themes on our WordPress blog. Simply use the themes switcher in the upper right corner to view our blog in different styles.

  Theme Name: 2C Right SEO  

Description: 2 Columns, with the sidebar being aligned to the right side. Layout is mostly done with CSS, but in order to make the theme more flexible AND "break-proof", the two columns of the main content are inside a simple HTML table.

Download Links:

2cright-seo.ZIP    2cright-seo.TAR

  Theme Name: 2C Left SEO  

Description: 2 Columns, with the sidebar being aligned to the left side. Layout uses a style trick with HTML tables to move the main content above the sidebar (inside the HTML source code).

Download Links:

2cleft-seo.ZIP    2cleft-seo.TAR

  Theme Name: 3C SEO  

Description: The most popular theme with 3 columns (2 sidebars). Search Form and Calendar in the right sidebar and the other categories and links in the left sidebar (can be easily changed, of course). The 2 sidebars of this theme give you much more place for links and advertisements than the 2 column themes.

Download Links:

3c-seo.ZIP    3c-seo.TAR

MORE WordPress Themes ...

Installing and Editing WordPress Themes

Once extracted - upload the entire folder of your chosen theme to your server, into the folder wp-content/themes/ of your WordPress install and then you can activate it from within your blog´s admin panel ( » Presentation » Themes ).

You can edit all the template files with WordPress´ built-in theme editor. You will find a lot of comments inside these files, especially inside the stylesheet, the header and the sidebar templates, so it will be easy for you to find the places that you want to edit, provided that you have some basic knowledge in HTML. If not ... well - it´s time to learn HTML today.

The videos that show you exactly how to edit the above search engine optimized themes are included in our WordPress Video Tutorial that you can download for free.

Additionally, you can find a growing number of tips and tutorials for modifying and customizing our SEO themes in our WordPress Themes Customization FAQ area.

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