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Learn how to keep your website automatically updated with fresh content by syndicating RSS newsfeeds on your webpages with the help of the superior free RSS parser CaRP.

Dear Fellow Website Owner,

you´ve probably heard already that updating your webpages on a regular basis with fresh content might not only help your webpages to gain better search engine rankings and pull in more traffic but also makes your website more attractive to your visitors.

The easiest way to update your webpages automatically with fresh content targeted to your website theme is by syndicating RSS newsfeeds on your webpages. To accomplish this, you basically just need to find relevant feeds and install a feed parser on your site.

Fortunately, there´s a superior free RSS parser called CaRP - Caching RSS Parser, way better than some of these hyped-up and over-priced tools. But if you are - like most website owners - not so used to working with PHP code, you might find it a bit tricky to install this tool on your site and to make it work.

Therefore, I have created a comprehensive video tutorial for you that shows you ...

  • how to install CaRP Caching RSS Parser on your website.
  • where you can find relevant RSS newsfeeds for syndication.
  • how to display dynamic content in a search engine friendly way even on static .html webpages using SSI (server side includes).
  • how to aggregate multiple feeds and use CaRP´s filter options to make the display results on your webpages more unique and better match your website content.
  • how to use CaRP´s configuration options to customize the style of the newsfeeds displayed on your webpages.

Download the tutorial today, it´s free - no catch at all. The only thing I ask you is that you help spreading the word about this great resource and place a link on your website´s homepage to this page or any other webpage here at that you find most useful.

Guido W. Stiehle

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