Unleash the full power of CaRP Caching RSS parser and discover some advanced and profitable ways to add automatically updating and relevant content to your webpages.

Dear Colleague,

using RSS newsfeeds as a content source for adding automatically updating and keyword focused content to your webpages to please the search engine spiders is quite okay for those webpages that are designed to pull in traffic to your site. Many webmasters also use RSS newsfeeds to increase the amount of content on short article pages and blog posts.

But have you ever thought about the negative aspects of RSS newsfeeds on your webpages ? Here are just a few hints to make you think about it:

1. Don´t these links in newsfeeds drain away visitors and PR ?

The more articles you syndicate on a webpage, the more outgoing links you´ll have on that page and the more PageRank™ will be drained away from it. Also, when you place the newsfeeds into prominent places on your webpages, then you´ll lose quite a few visitors who click on interesting news headlines.

Ah, you think you´re smart ! So you simply put the newsfeed into the footer of your webpages where visitors probably won´t see it anyway. Sorry my friend, the search engines (especially Google) are smart, too. We all know that relevant content on top of a webpage is given more importance and the same goes for webpage updates.

So wouldn´t it be better if you had a way to automatically update your webpages with relevant content that keeps PR and visitors on your webpages while adding real value to your visitors ? I´ll show you a few different ways in a moment.

2. Does the content from RSS newsfeeds make you any money ?

The second disadvantage is that you don´t earn money from the news items that you syndicate on your webpages. Visitors who click on the headlines to read the syndicated articles might sign up for a newsletter on the target website or end up purchasing products from there. Why not ? After all, many articles are designed to pre-sell readers on products and services.

Wouldn´t it be better you had some kind of automatically updating content that is designed to make you money and entice more people to sign up for your newsletter ? Of course it would ! So let´s take a look at some more profitable ways for you to keep your webpages updated on autopilot.

Have You ever heard about XML product feeds for affiliates ?

If you´ve been in the affiliate marketing business for some time, you´ve already heard about product datafeeds that many online merchants offer to their affiliates. These datafeeds allow you to display the merchant´s products and product discriptions directly on your webpages, with your affiliate code in the product links. The problem was that you had to download these feeds from time to time in order to keep your product listings up to date.

XML product feeds for affiliates are dynamic, i.e. instead of downloading entire datafeeds, you can use a script (XML feed parser) that pulls only those products that you want to display on your webpages directly from the merchant´s XML product feed.

Amazon.com has such a XML product feed and it´s huge. It contains thousands of products in all kinds of market niches. The beauty of Amazon´s XML product feed is that it also contains the latest customer reviews for each product which you can display on your webpages, too. And you have the possibility to use different search and sorting parameters to display only the most relevant and best selling products on your webpages.

Hence, you just need to paste a tiny piece of code into the source code of your webpages once and never care about updating the product listings manually. It´s done on auto-pilot. Let me show you just two examples:

On the right side I have included the 4 most popular products from the category "books" using the keyword "web design".

Remember that Amazon doesn´t sell only books and magazines. They have all kinds of products in categories like accessories, baby products, toys, games, tools, sporting goods, video, jewelry, computer hardware, software, etc ...

The second example below uses the keyword "ipod", the category "electronics" and limits the number of products to 2.

  Popular Web Design Books from Amazon.com  

Usually, you would need a XML feed parser script to include dynamic product feeds into your webpages, but did you know that you can use CaRP for this, too ? You only need a bit of additional PHP code and so-called XSL stylesheets and you´re ready to go. Don´t worry - I´ve prepared all this for you and also a step-by-step guide to show you how to make the Amazon product feeds work on your website.

But first, let´s take a look at another different way to update your webpage content on auto-pilot. Have you ever thought about rotating your own content on your webpages ? It´s super easy. About two years ago, when the RSS syndication craze began, I thought it would be much better to use my own original content and rotate it on my webpages in a way that makes sense to my visitors, too. I wanted to feature "tip of the day" or "product of the week" type of content that keeps visitors on my site and eventually purchase recommended products.

So I´ve asked a buddy of mine to develop a neat little PHP script - I call it "SiteUpdateMagic". With this tool, which you are about to get today, you can rotate your own content, i.e. any text and/or HTML code you like, in three different update intervals: daily, weekly and on every pageload (visit).

Here is how it works:
You write snippets of web content, f.ex. short articles, tips, product reviews related to your niche and feed SiteUpdateMagic´s database with your content. Select an update frequency, paste the code into your webpages, sit back and let the script do the work on auto-pilot.

Alternatively, you can use any of the 5 pre-written content lists for different niches (success tips, money saving tips, fitness tips, online auction tips, family friendly jokes) and import these into the database in a few seconds to get started quickly. SiteUpdateMagic pulls the content out of the database and merges it into your webpages in a search engine friendly manner.

You can see two live examples on the homepage of my internet marketing newsletter TheJungleMarketer - a "success tip of the day" and an "auction tip of the day". When you revisit this page on the next day, you will see different tips.

How you can use SiteUpdateMagic to your benefit:

To get more subscribers to your newsletter, you could include a X-day e-course on your webpages, displaying one different lesson every day. At the bottom of each lesson, you should include a teaser for the next lesson that makes your visitors looking forward to it. But hey - why wait for the next day ? Tell them they can get all lessons in a nice PDF report when they subscribe to your newsletter.

To keep visitors coming back to your website you could display daily changing tips related to your niche topic in prominent places on your webpages. At the bottom of each tip, tell your visitors that they can read another tip when they come back on the next day. The more often people come back to your site, the more often you can expose them to advertisements (like Google AdSense) and earn more money.

Feature products or merchants. Why not create a "featured product" section on your webpages and rotate different products ? You could include a picture and a short description of a different product every day or week and you could even offer discounts on these products for as long as they are featured. If you do not have your own products, you could feature online merchants that fit your niche audience, writing a short review for each merchant. You could charge the merchants a fee for being included in the rotation or if they have affiliate programs, use your affiliate link to earn commissions for sending them customers.

As said, you can rotate any text and HTML code that you like, so there are quite a lot of possibilities. If you want an example of SiteUpdateMagic updating a webpage on every visit, take a look at this jokes page (opens in new window).

Alright, alright, enough examples.

You want to know how do it, right ?

Well, I´ve done another video tutorial to show you all the advanced techniques and I have included everything you need to make the magic happen.

You are about to get:

  • the additional PHP code and XSL templates that allow you to use CaRP to display products from Amazon´s XML feed on your webpages.
  • easy step-by-step instructions for working with Amazon´s XML feed.
  • a printable reference sheet of Amazon´s product category names you can use for product searches in the different local marketplaces and another reference sheet for the different sorting options for each product category.
  • the SiteUpdateMagic PHP script - exclusively available in this package.
  • 5 pre-written content lists with hundreds of tips that you can import into your SiteUpdateMagic database and get started quickly.
  • easy instructions with screenshots and videos for installing and using SiteUpdateMagic.

And you will also learn exactly ...

  • how to add RSS newsfeeds, XML product feeds and other dynamic content into your WordPress blog posts.
  • how to use CaRP to integrate keyword specific newsfeeds into auto-generated webpages by tools like TrafficEqualizer, RankingPower, etc ...
  • how to use CaRP to add keyword specific newsfeeds to your WordPress blog posts.

And there´s even more for you:

Last year, I hired a programmer to develop a XML product feed parser for the popular AllPosters.com affiliate program. Posters are an awesome product, easy to sell and there are posters that fit into almost any niche topic. At AllPosters.com you can choose from hundreds of different categories, it´s the biggest online poster store. They pay high commissions and have a good sales convertion.

I´ve been using this XML feed parser on a couple of sites and even built an entire poster affiliate site with it. As you know, the beauty of such a XML feed is that you don´t have to update any datafeeds manually - it´s all done automatically.

Since you like updating your website on auto-pilot, I´ve also included this feed parser and a comprehensive user manual in the package you are about to download.

Here comes the catch !

This advanced video tutorial together with SiteUpdateMagic and other bonuses is not free.

Some people suggested I should charge between 30 and 50 $ for the tutorial and I´ve seen people posting in forums that they´d prefer to pay 100 Dollars to the one who showed them how to make CaRP work on their sites instead of buying an over-priced commercial RSS parser. Hence, I should even charge for the video tutorial I gave you for free.

So, considering that the total value of the whole package including all the scripts and other bonuses is well over 200 $, I believe that $ 27.00 is a very fair price and if you seriously want to take your RSS syndication and automatic website updates to a higher level and also use money-making product feeds on your webpages, then you should take advantage of my offer today and order while the price is so low.

Order Today for Only US$ 27.00
and get the advanced CaRP video tutorial, SiteUpdateMagic, the AllPosters XML parser and all the additional bonuses below.

System Requirements: your website should be hosted on a linux apache server with at least PHP 4.2 and MySQL 3.23.23 (or greater). For the posters feed parser to work, your webhost must also have the XSL extensions installed in PHP (most have).

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with my
unconditional 90 days money-back guarantee

 Your Additional Bonuses for Ordering Today 

Bonus 1:  The A to Z about RSS

Learn everything about RSS and how RSS can benefit your business in many ways. You will learn how you can harness the power of RSS to drive more traffic to your site, reach a broader audience with your marketing messages, get around email spam filters, the benefit of blogging, podcasting and much more.

Bonus 2:  Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript

First published in 2001 by Mark Joyner, this guide contains very important and timeless information every online business owner must know. Mark talks about scientific marketing and how you can test your marketing results. He also reveals his own scientific marketing test results. This guide is all about scientifically proven methods that you can use to get more people to open and read your e-mail messages and buy more products from you.

Order Today while the price is low

I always strive to over-deliver and add more useful bonuses to my products. When you order today, you will receive all future bonuses at no cost. So, don´t wait any longer, do yourself a favor and grab this package now - the price will go up once I add more goodies.

Sincerely Yours,

Guido W. Stiehle


  1. I don´t control Google™ nor any other search engine, so I can´t guarantee you better search engine rankings using the techniques outlined in my tutorial.
  2. I don´t guarantee you will make any money from the Amazon product feeds and all the other techniques tought in this tutorial. This depends entirely on you, how well you integrate the feeds into your websites, the amount of targeted traffic you get to your sites and how well your web copy converts visitors into customers.
  3. You are solely responsible for using newsfeeds and other services in compliance with the terms of use of the providers of those services and the directions given in this tutorial are not a legal advice.
  4. The free version of CaRP Cashing RSS Parser displays Amazon product feeds without images. To include images like in the examples on this page, you´ll need to purchase either of the advanced versions - CaRP KOI / CaRP Evolution. Don´t worry, these are very affordable.

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