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One day while walking through the Garden of Eden, Adam looked up to the Heavens and spoke to God. "Father this place is great, but there is one thing missing".
"What is that my son", God answered.
"Well it would be nice to have a mate, Iīm awfully lonely down here and all the other animal have mates but me. All Iīm asking for is a creature more beautiful than the Garden, one who has a sex drive like mine, never has a headache and one who will cook, clean and be at my beckon call morning, noon and night." said Adam.
"Wow thatīs a tall order, but I have just such a creature in mind, but itīs going to cost you". said God.
"Oh yeah, how much?" said Adam.
"An arm and a leg." replied God.
Adam thought this over for quite some time and then asked, "Well, what can I get for a rib?"

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