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Contribute to EasyWebTutorials and get free publicity
for your business and websites.

Do you want to share your knowledge and promote your website / business in the same time ?

A great way to gain more publicity, visitors, subscribers and customers is to distribute free reports, e-books and other how-to guides. For example: if you want to promote a certain type of software, then you could create a tutorial that shows how to use the software and how to get the most benefit out of it, package the tutorial as PDF e-book and distribute it.

If your tutorial meets our quality quidelines, weīll be happy to distribute it for you through our website, so you can reach more people.

If you have such a tutorial that you want to distribute freely in order to get more publicity for your business / website, please contact us, so we may work out a joint venture to our mutual benefit.

Please include the title of your tutorial, a short description and a link where we can get a free copy of the tutorial for review. Acceptance of your tutorial is subject to the terms below.


  1. Your e-books and reports must be in .pdf format. Other tutorials like video tutorials may also be in html format.
  2. Your tutorials should be 100% your own original work. Tutorials based on "private label rights" content are not acceptable, unless you make significant changes or additions to the original PLR content in order to create a unique product. In this case, please submit both - the original PLR piece and your modified work, so we may compare both and decide if yourīs is unique enough.
  3. Ghost written tutorials are acceptable provided that you are the sole owner of the copyrights to the tutorial in question and provided that the tutorial doesnīt contain plagiarized content.
  4. You agree to grant us the right to freely distribute the tutorials through our website . We may offer your tutorials as free downloads from our website or we may also distribute them on CD ROM / DVD in case your tutorials are very large in file size (f.ex. video tutorials).
  5. Your tutorials may NOT be excessively filled with affiliate links to many different products and services. Itīs acceptable to promote a maximum of two products or services with your affiliate links. However, you might mention more useful resources throughout your tutorials with direct links (not affiliate links) to the resource.
  6. Your tutorials must offer useful information and not solely be written for the purpose of promoting a product or service. We reserve the right to reject your tutorial for any reason whatsoever.
  7. You agree to include a short advertisement for one of EasyWebTutorials.comīs own products or services inside your tutorial, in a prominent place. We will give you some choices after reviewing your tutorial.
  8. Both parties, you and we, reserve the right to cancel the distribution of your tutorials at any time. If you want to stop the free distribution of any of your tutorials through our website, simply contact us and we will immediately remove the tutorial in question.

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