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How do you configure an autoreponder to post to a blog like wordpress or blogs? Step by step, please. Thanks, Marty

Hi Marty,

I can´t tell you how to post to a blog using an autoresponder, but I can surely write a step-by-step guide to set this up for a WordPress blog.

Below are just the raw steps. I´ll write a more detailed guide with screenshots these days and announce it to everybody who has my free blogging tutorial.

1. Create a new email account (a pop3 account, not just another alias) on your domain. Make it hard to guess and keep it secret - f.ex.

2. Configure your WordPress blog with this new email account. Go to Options > Writing and enter the details of your email account in the section "writing by e-mail".

3. Test if it works: send an e-mail to your secret address and then load the script "wp-mail.php" in your browser. Simply visit

4. If everything works fine, go ahead and create a cronjob to visit wp-mail.php periodically, f.ex. once every hour. Ask your webhost for help if you don´t know how to create cronjobs.

5. create a new autoresponder and subscribe to this autoresponder with your secret e-mail address. Then you can create the follow-up sequence with the messages that you want to post to your blog. The e-mail subjects will be used as titles for your posts and the e-mail bodies as the post itself.

Last update: 2006-04-09 23:55
Author: Guido Stiehle

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