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Comprehensive HTML Video Tutorial

Learn HTML in one day or less. Comprehensive video tutorial teaches you everything you need to know to build and publish great websites with ease. Free software tools and 300+ templates included.

Dear Friend,

Guido W. Stiehle
Owner and Webmaster of and many other websites.

can you imagine how easy it is to build a website ? Even if you only know how to copy and paste and how to type some text on your computer, you can learn HTML within a day. It´s indeed a very easy web programming language.

The problem with most of the html tutorials out there is that they just teach you one HTML element after the other, but they fail in giving you practical tips and step-by-step instructions for using all the different HTML elements to actually design your website layout and to organize the content of your webpages. I have even seen some of them still teaching outdated HTML codes.

Therefore, I have created an HTML tutorial that goes way beyond just teaching you the HTML code elements and I have created the tutorial with the little technically skilled person in mind. The big advantage of a video tutorial is that you can actually see how each single step is done and follow each step at your own pace.

 Here´s what You are about to learn: 

  • the basic structure of an HTML document
  • all important HTML elements and practical examples for their use
  • how to use a professional free graphic program to make your images web-friendly
  • how to use a free online tool to design cool logos and buttons in 15 minutes or less
  • how to design a user-friendly website layout and translate it into HTML
  • CSS (cascading style sheets) and how to use them to format all kinds of elements on your webpages, change font styles and colors, add backgrounds, margins and much more ...
  • how to protect yourself from spam with a simple javascript code that hides your contact e-mail from the spambots.
  • Important legal documents - which ones do you need on your website and where do you get them (free samples included).
  • How to register a domainname for your website - something like ""
  • Tips for choosing the right webhost for your website. Free vs. affordable paid webhosting.
  • How to get your website seen on the internet - uploading your documents and images to your webhost via FTP ( free software included ).

Order Your HTML Tutorial on CD ROM today for only $ 9.95 and also receive all these valuable bonuses:

Bonus 1: Blogging Video Tutorial
Learn how to add a blog to your website and how to get your site indexed fast in the major search engines, attract more visitors and make money from your blog.

Bonus 2: RSS Feed Syndication Tutorial
Discover how you can dynamically include the latest hot news relevant to your website theme on your webpages by syndicating RSS newsfeeds.

Bonus 3: Website Templates
A large package of over 300 website templates that you can modify as you like.

Bonus 4: Free Software Tools:

  • HTML editor - 1stPage2000
  • FTP client - FileZilla
  • Graphic Software - THE GIMP
  • Blogging Software - WordPress
  • RSS feed parser - CaRP

Bonus 5: Free Worldwide Shipping: Fast worldwide shipping by airmail is already included in the price. To most locations in the world it usually only takes 5 to 8 business days for the CD to arrive at your door.

Sorry, I stopped selling the CD in January 2009 because Im moving from Germany to Brasil. Maybe Ill continue to sell the CDs from my new location, but in the meantime you can still download the html tutorial.

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