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  Lesson 17: Publishing Your Website  

     Publishing your website to the World Wide Web     

Now that you have pointed your domain to your webhost´s nameservers, you are ready to publish your website to the world wide web. The webpages you´ve create and stored on your computer need to be transferred to your webhost. This process is also called uploading (the opposite of "downloading").

You have basically two options for uploading files (webpages and images) to your webhost:

  1. log into your user account at your webhost and use your webhost´s online interface for file uploads or
  2. use an FTP software (FTP = File Transfer Protocol).

I personally prefer using an FTP software as it´s faster and easier not only to upload files to my webserver but also to download and manage these files (view, rename, change file permissions, etc ...)

Most FTP software is commercial software and costs about 30-60 $ after a usual 30 day trial period. Most free FTP software is usually only for personal, non-commercial use, but I found one which is truely free and very good: FileZilla. Download FileZilla and install it on your computer now. Once you have installed it, continue with this lesson.

I´m now going to show you how to use the FTP client FileZilla to connect to your server and upload all the files of your website.

First, you need to add your webhost´s FTP login information to FileZilla. Check the email you´ve received from your webhost with all your access informations and watch the video for instructions how to setup FileZilla.

Video button not working ? Click Here

The next step is uploading your files to your webserver. The video shows you how.

Video button not working ? Click Here

Once all the files of your website are uploaded, you should visit your site - - and check if everything´s working fine. Remember that it might take up to 48 hours for the nameserver changes to propagate, so don´t panik if you just have changed these a couple of hours ago and you still get a "site not found" error message. Once you see your site, browse through your whole website to make sure there are no missing webpages or images and also no broken links.


How do you feel now ? Are you proud of your first website ? You see, it wasn´t too difficult, was it ? Now tell your friends and show them your website. Ask them for their honest feedback - they might have some good improvement ideas.

You know, sometimes we´re so exited about the things we create that we overlook certain details. Just like a writer needs proofreaders, a webmaster should have his / her "web proofreaders". Unfortunately You cannot rely on regular visitors to report spelling errors, broken links and other things that don´t work on your site or that you could improve, so it´s really good to ask your friends for their honest opinion about your site.

And of course, I would also love to hear from you. Please send me your feedback for this tutorial. I would also love to hear your ideas for improving this tutorial and for additional lessons / tutorials.

I´m planning to create some tutorials about basic website promotion techniques to show you how you can get more visitors to your website and also teach you some ways to generate revenue from your website(s), even if you have nothing to sell. If you like to be notified when new tutorials become available here, please subscribe to my internet business and webmaster tutorials announcement list.

BTW - the quickest way to get your website indexed in the major search engines is to add a weblog to your site and submit this blog to Yahoo and the major blog and newsfeed directories. If you liked this tutorial you might also love to study my Blogging with WordPress - video tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions related to HTML, web design, website hosting, website marketing and search engine optimization, please visit the forums at or submit a question to the FAQ section at

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