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  Web Design / HTML Video Tutorial  

Dear Friend,

I´d like to welcome you to your journey of building great websites with ease. To get started with this HTML video tutorial, please read the introduction first as it will give you some tips on how to watch the videos and how to use this whole guide to get the most value out of it in the shortest time possible. I hope you enjoy it.

Truely Yours,

Guido W. Stiehle,

  Table of Contents  

Introduction - A short introduction to this tutorial and how to use it as well as quick tips for watching the videos.

Lesson 1: Basic Skills and Tools - the basic computer skills you need and the best free html editor you should use (included on the CD ROM).

Lesson 2: HTML - The Basics - the meaning of HTML and its elements and the basic structure of an HTML document (webpage).

Lesson 3: HTML Head Section - the most important tags in the head section of an HTML document.

Lesson 4: HTML Body Section - The content of your webpage and the basic formatting options. Headings, paragraphs, text formatting inline elements and character entities.

Lesson 5: Images - how to insert images into your webpages.

Lesson 6: Hyperlinks - how to create hyperlinks to other webpages of your own website and to other websites on the world wide web. How to use images as links.

Lesson 7: HTML Lists - how to create the most commonly used lists: ordered lists, bullet lists and definition lists.

Lesson 8: HTML Tables - how to create tables to organize the content of a webpage.

Lesson 9: Fontstyles - how to use the FONT element to style the text on your webpages with different fonts, colors and font sizes.

Lesson 10: CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - an introduction to Cascading Style Sheets and how to use them to format text and other HTML elements, such as tables and lists. How to declare style rules for an entire website in one single place.

Lesson 11: Webpage Layout - basic layout tips to make your website user-friendly. How to use HTML tables for your website layout.

Lesson 12: Domainname Registration - how to choose and register a domain name for your website.

Lesson 13: Create a Website Logo - an easy way to create simple but nice looking website logos.

Lesson 14: Main Webpages & Email Protection - the main pages of your website (homepage, sitemap, terms and a contact page) and how to protect your contact email.

Lesson 15: Required Legal Documents - why you need a privacy policy, terms of use and disclaimers and how to add them to your site.

Lesson 16: Choosing a Webhost - tips for choosing the right hosting service for your website.

Lesson 17: Publishing Your Website - how to upload your web documents to your server to get your website published on the world wide web.


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  The Lessons  

Note: In each lesson, you will find this sidebar with links to all other lessons, so you can quickly jump between the individual lessons.

Skills & Tools
HTML Basics
The Head Section
The Body Section
Anchors & Links
Font Styles
Cascading Style Sheets
Website Layout
Domainname Registration
Website Logos & Buttons
Main Webpages
Legal Documents
Web Hosting Providers
Publishing Your Website

Editing Images


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